Good Management is Key to Business Success

While it is true that there will be some employees leaving a company for better opportunities, many in the lower levels leave due to a lack of good management. They see that one person is never disciplined for their lack of work ethic, and they rightfully blame it on the department supervisor and their manager. There is not always a reason to believe that management is not doing their own work, but if any part of the company continually must replace workers in one area, it is best to investigate to find out why the situation has occurred. Investigating management first gives the employees who produce the product or service an opportunity to see that they matter to the company.

Whenever discipline breaks down within a department, there is usually one key player. It may be one employee allowed to disrupt the entire department, or it could be a supervisor who does not enforce the company’s policies fairly. No matter the cause, finding out what it is can be the best way to ensure the success of the business.

Few managers want to fire employees, and the best ones will make the effort to straighten out a situation. When they choose not to do this part of their work, they help fuel the situation. Rather than simply replacing employees, it might be more cost-effective to replace the manager in charge.

The current employment rules in many areas rely heavily on management doing its job well, so staying on top of developing employee situations is important. Those who fail to straighten out unfair labor practices are pushing the company towards potential lawsuits as employees who believe they were treated unfairly seek other employment, and they are draining the company’s coffers with the expense of hiring and training workers at an ever-increasing pace.